My Work

Jessica C. Ellis Creative

The best place to start is at the beginning. So, how did I come up with my own brand? Creating my own visual brand was a long process that took a lot of soul searching, Googling, and tinkering. Like most branding designers, my own design was the first one I tackled, and it is the ones that helped me not only create my own identity, but observe my own process to figure out how to hone it, streamline it, and use it again and again for concept projects and clients.


Holy Smoked was a concept project for a local food truck offering Texas bbq classics and unique creations. While the family had been cooking up quality bbq for over 30 years, the food truck was a new venture. Click below to learn more about how we got to the heart of the Holy Smoked brand and how we created a visual concept to help them stand out in a crowded market.

Paco's Caliente Cafe

Paco’s was a concept project for a high end Mexican restaurant that features gourmet dishes and unique, top-shelf cocktails. Another Fort Worth concept, Paco’s was also looking to stand out in a crowded Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant scene, but they wanted to be known for more than just their food. They wanted to be a place to be seen for high-end clientele.