Holy Smoked

The Brief

Holy Smoked was my semester-long concept project for branding and web design. They are a new food truck in Fort Worth, TX. Although they are new to the mobile food scene, they have an existing menu and name recognition from operating previously as a restaurant and catering company for 30 years. The family’s new generation is reviving the brand after a long hiatus. They wanted a fresh, modern brand that reflects their unique offerings and target demographic of young professionals and “foodies”. They also wanted to communicate a fun and boisterous vibe with visuals that are different from the typical rustic, western look of many barbecue brands.


I knew from the moment I heard the name of this food truck that I wanted the logo to be a flying pig with a halo. But, a good designer never flies with her first good idea, so I found more inspiration during the mood board process and fleshed out some more ideas into sketches. After consulting with the client (my professor), we both decided the first design was the best fit for the brief, with some minor adjustments. One I assembled the final digital design, it made perfect sense to pull the wings and flame as sub-marks.

With the website and menu designs, we really diverted from what is typically seen in barbecue restaurant design by sticking with a clean white background. This allowed the colors, type, graphics, and photos of the food take center stage instead of blending into a busy wood grain or smoky background.

A marketing plan wasn’t part of this particular project, but my suggestions would have included a heavy Instagram presence, with Facebook as a backup. The target demographic spends most of their social media time on Instagram, and food is especially conducive to a visual platform. As part of their additional design package, I suggest that the only additional print design we do outside the menu would be a business card. We would them focus additional design assets on Canva templates for social media graphics, headers, and strategy such as ads and a hashtag campaign. I would also suggest that we do some PR (pitching to local media to cover the arrival of the food truck on the scene) based on the history of the business and unique offerings, such as their seafood dishes.